We Serve The Church Through Faith Filled Preaching


We serve the church around the world, by preaching faith-building messages that enable people to encounter Jesus, overcome obstacles, and live in freedom.


With backgrounds in anthropology, theology, and education, and more than 20 years of senior ministry experience, Andrew & Megan are dynamic and creative communicators. They are catalysts for change, and committed to helping people activate their faith, experience supernatural breakthroughs, and enjoy God’s provision in every area of their lives.



Andrew has been preaching for 25 years, and in full time ministry for 20 years. Prior to launching Freedom Revolution Ministries, he pioneered and led two contemporary churches in Melbourne, Australia.

A dynamic and powerful communicator, Andrew’s unique gift is his ability to capture people’s attention, ignite their faith, and show them through the Word of God how to overcome obstacles, and live a victorious life.

With a prophetic edge, a gift of faith, and a passion for evangelism, Andrew has been privileged to see thousands of lives eternally changed as he has ministered across Australia, USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.



Megan is an encourager and builder of people’s faith. With more than 23 years experience as an educator and pastor, she’s a big believer in people, and draws the best out of everyone she meets!

Megan has a passion to see people receive salvation and healing, fulfill their potential, and make a difference with their lives. She’s known for her warm humour and ability to communicate God’s Word in a way that encourages, equips and inspires.



Whilst Andrew is the primary communicator, Megan and Andrew have had extensive experience ministering together for more than 20 years. They’ve been married for 23 years, and compliment each other’s gifts in a unique and powerful way.


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